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This Week’s Food News

Government food policy ‘inadequate’
A report has concluded that the government needs to put in place tighter measures to define and tackle food poverty. Despite the consistently rising cost of food and static wages, our government currently has no strategy for addressing these challenges, which are every bit as pressing as climate change.

A pill to make food less tempting?
We know that if something smells good we’re more inclined to want to eat it, Subway of course being the exception that proves the rule. Scientists in America have now come up with a pill that hinders sense of smell, meaning fattening goodies like chips and popcorn lose their allure.

Junk food and celebs
The latest edition of the Lonely Planet has described Britain as a country of celebrity-obsessed junk food troughers. Any indignation is largely unjustified. We eat more ready meals and junk food than the rest of Europe put together, and this is a country that has allowed Katie Price to publish four – FOUR! – autobiographies. Shame on us.


Other food news this week:
* Diet Coke knocks Pepsi to third place in soft drink stakes.
* Insects to be a major part of diet in 2020.
* Daily Express runs deeply misleading headline about a salt ban in chip shops.
* Satsumas, kumquats and Jerusalem artichokes trend as health foods
* …and a woman eats sofas. Really.


Piece to fill in a bit of space before the video:
* Top 10 picnic spots in Britain.


A funny picture…

Aaaaand video:
April Fool – who says Germans don’t have a sense of humour?

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This week’s food news | 6th August 2010

Cloned cows cause chaos
This week’s big news was the whole cloned meat, cloned milk fiasco. It initially emerged that there was milk from cloned cattle in the UK. Next it was cloned meat, as it was revealed that meat from the offspring of cloned cattle had been noshed. Some are saying the meat is fine, others think we’re all going to start mooing. Would eating cloned cow bother you? Continue reading


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To bin or not to bin?

We’re a very wasteful country. Each year we amass something like 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink waste. Every day we throw away 1.3 million unopened yoghurt pots, 440,000 ready meals, 5,500 whole chickens, and 4.4 million apples. Every day! Most of the food we sling is edible, too. Spooked by stringent ‘best before’ – not ‘eat before’, mind – dates and salmonella scaremongering, we chuck food that, quite simply, doesn’t need chucking. Continue reading


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