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Recipe | Moroccan pot-roast chicken

The first ‘random ingredient generator‘ of 2011 provided some fantastic suggestions. As ever some people predictably put spanners in the works; perhaps I should be more explicit that the generator’s raison d’etre is to offer inspiration when it’s 6pm and I can’t think of what to have for supper. Not really the time to go out in search of tripe and yucca. Still, I appreciate Ollie and Lizzie’s enthusiasm and admire their ability to keep me on my toes. Continue reading


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Recipe | Chicken and broad beans with yoghurt and lemon

More broad beans, more chicken. There’s something about the innate sunshine of these green fellers that pairs them well with a simply cooked piece of chicken. Roast chicken ideally, but ’twas just me last night and an entire chicken seemed unmerited, if tempting. The Marsala and smoked paprika give the beans a great lift; a happy marriage of Spain and Sicily. Continue reading


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