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This Week’s Food News

Chocolate is the new superfood
Joining blueberries, broccoli, and bananas, chocolate has now been anointed the latest ‘superfood’. Researchers found that, gram-for-gram, chocolate contained more ‘healthy plant compounds‘ than fruit juice. Good news for chocolate lovers everywhere. Go and stuff yourself with Dairy Milk and feel the well-being wash over you. Continue reading


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Last week’s food news

In a week dominated by WikiLeaks and rows over university fees, there were still a few interesting tidbits in the food world…

Jamie Oliver breaks all publishing records
Jamie Oliver’s latest book, 30-minute Meals, has become the fastest selling non-fiction book of all time in Britain. Few could argue that this wasn’t seriously impressive. At a difficult time for both publishers and the public, to shift 10,500 copies a day of a book retailing at £26 is no mean feat. I take my hat off to him. Continue reading


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This week’s food news | 24th September 2010

UN holds meeting over food prices
The UN is today holding a meeting to discuss rising concerns over escalating food prices. Alarmed by the recent drought in Russia, and floods in China and Pakistan, the Food and Agricultural Organisation is trying to figure out a way of avoiding the sort of chaos that arose from the food spike in 2007. Continue reading


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This week’s food news | 9th July 2010

More children eating school meals
Following Andrew Lansley’s comments last week about the effectiveness of campaigns such as Jamie Oliver’s, it appears that more pupils are, in fact, eating school meals. However more than half are still seeking their fill elsewhere. Lansley reckons ‘constantly lecturing people’ is counterproductive. What was your favourite school dinner? Continue reading


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This week’s food news | 2nd July 2010

Jamie’s school dinners project was a failure, says Lansley
The big story this week was Andrew Lansley’s slamming of Jamie Oliver’s approach to healthy eating. The health secretary said that the public needed to take some responsibility in the matter. It seemed a random and unfounded attack, “for the sake of a headline”, as Oliver put it. It appeared that most were behind Jamie on this one, with the Telegraph, the Mail, and twitterers, jumping to his defence.

Lunchbox guidelines ‘bossy’ say parents
Along similar lines, it seems there is a delicate balance between guidance and dictatorship when it comes to lunchboxes. A report by Ofsted suggests that parents are fed up of being told what they can and can’t put in their children’s lunchboxes. Instead they’d rather have advice on how to prepare healthier packed lunches. Read the BBC report here.

Dave cooked Nick supper to seal the deal
With Tony and Gordon it was the long night of the fish knives (eek, paywall), when Tony Blair ‘shafted’ Gordon Brown over dinner in an Islington restaurant (lovely image, eh?). With our new, touchy-feely, big society government it was a home-cooked supper. Speaking in a Real Radio Yorkshire interview David Cameron revealed that he cooked Nick Clegg ‘ham, baked potatoes and salad’ as they worked out the coalition. Quite sweet really.


Other food news this week
* Londoners are the UK’s healthiest eaters, reports the Grocer.
* EU plans to overhaul egg-selling laws are scrapped.
* Tate & Lyle takeover prompts lots of ‘sweet dealheadlines.
* Gordon Ramsay shuts Chiswick pub the Devonshire.
* Junk food kills 40,000 people a year. Read more.


Food for thought
David Mitchell’s entertainingly written, if self-consciously blinkered views on food. Video below is similarly contrary.


Recipe of the week
Spot on summer recipe from Chocolate Shavings – Pitta sandwiches with flank steak. Quick and fulfilling.


Video of the week

David Mitchell’s views on food continued…

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Article | iPhone cooking apps – the good, the bad, and the Jamie

I’ve written an article for the Times about cooking apps for the iPhone. Read it here.


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This week’s food news

RIP Rose Gray

The week got off to a sombre start with news of the death of Rose Gray. Her impact on modern British cookery cannot be underestimated. Along with Ruth Rogers, she not only played a fundamental role in the growth of Italian cookery in the UK beyond pizza and pasta, but, more importantly, was a forerunner in the concept of local, seasonal cookery. She showed home cooks that you don’t need technical wizardry, nor clever gadgets to create a dish of beauty and taste. It’s an ethos that the likes of Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, both alumni of Gray’s River Cafe, live by today. True kitchen alchemy isn’t about foams and smears and chlorophyll and carrot wallpaper, but about taking something very simple and, with the minimum of flourishes, turning it into something special. We have Rose Gray to thank for always reminding us of this.

Raymond Blanc breaks his leg

On Monday Raymond Blanc, chef patron of Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, took a tumble at his home and landed in the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, having broken his leg and ankle in five places. The chef, whose new TV show Raymond Blanc: Kitchen Secrets gives us an insight into how refined French cookery is perfectly doable in the home, seemed in good spirits as he blogged from his hospital bed. Garbed in a “very sexy robe (you know, the one which opens at the back)”, he joked that he had “two gorgeous nurses…holding my hands and singing lullabies”. We wish Raymond a full, speedy, and of course cossetted recovery.

The UK throws bananas

We’ve all been there. They sit in the fruit bowl like some grotesquely distorted claw, turning from yellow, to yellowish, to dappled brown, to black. And then to the bin. Well, it turns out bananas are the most wasted foodstuff in this country according to business intelligence company Retail Active, and that young men aged 25-35 in the South East are the biggest culprits. There is, however, one man doing his bit to make up for the bananas that fall by the wayside. Gordon Brown, reports the Daily Mail, eats up to nine bananas a day in an effort to wean himself off the Kitkats that he is so fond of. For those who aren’t such rabid fruitarians, there are two solutions to the banana wastage problem. If the fruits are turning and you fear for their over-ripeness, they freeze very well, and you can then make some lovely banana bread next time you’re baking. The other solution is simpler – if you’re not going to eat them, don’t buy them.

Jamie Oliver to be a dad again

Jamie Oliver appeared overjoyed when he announced on Thursday that he and his wife Jools were expecting their fourth child. The 34-year-old chef broke the news on Twitter, saying he was “very happy” that he was going to be a father again. But it’s not going to be easy for the wee infant – not only will it have three older sisters to contend with but, following Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, and Petal Blossom Rainbow, it will most probably have a daft name too.

Kavey Favelle wins the food debate

On Friday night Kavey ‘the cracker’ Favelle reigned victorious in the much-hyped Food Debate in the Westbridge Draft House. Fighting the battle for cheese, Favelle was a deserving champion. She celebrated by riding this unicorn off into the sunset. There will be a full report of the debate on Monday.

What other nuggets of news have interested you this week? What would you do to help stop food wastage? What do you think Jamie is going to call his fourth child?


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