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This Week’s Food News

Organic food less tasty than ‘normal’ food
In a major blow to organic lobbyists, a study by the Watchdog Which? has found that organic food has less flavour and fewer nutrients than food grown normally. Non-organic tomatoes were found to be juicier and more flavoursome than their organic counterparts, while ‘normal’ broccoli had more nutrients. So why are we paying more for this stuff? Continue reading


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This week’s food news


‘Nudge’ people into good health, says Lansley
Andrew Lansley set out the public health white paper this week, calling for an end to nannying and lecturing, and a new era of gentle cajoling. It’s an encouraging new angle, but is a ‘nudge’ the “one clear message” Lansley hopes it might be? Obesity UK suggests, as do many, that ‘taxing the fat’ might be the way forward. Continue reading


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This week’s food news | 2nd July 2010

Jamie’s school dinners project was a failure, says Lansley
The big story this week was Andrew Lansley’s slamming of Jamie Oliver’s approach to healthy eating. The health secretary said that the public needed to take some responsibility in the matter. It seemed a random and unfounded attack, “for the sake of a headline”, as Oliver put it. It appeared that most were behind Jamie on this one, with the Telegraph, the Mail, and twitterers, jumping to his defence.

Lunchbox guidelines ‘bossy’ say parents
Along similar lines, it seems there is a delicate balance between guidance and dictatorship when it comes to lunchboxes. A report by Ofsted suggests that parents are fed up of being told what they can and can’t put in their children’s lunchboxes. Instead they’d rather have advice on how to prepare healthier packed lunches. Read the BBC report here.

Dave cooked Nick supper to seal the deal
With Tony and Gordon it was the long night of the fish knives (eek, paywall), when Tony Blair ‘shafted’ Gordon Brown over dinner in an Islington restaurant (lovely image, eh?). With our new, touchy-feely, big society government it was a home-cooked supper. Speaking in a Real Radio Yorkshire interview David Cameron revealed that he cooked Nick Clegg ‘ham, baked potatoes and salad’ as they worked out the coalition. Quite sweet really.


Other food news this week
* Londoners are the UK’s healthiest eaters, reports the Grocer.
* EU plans to overhaul egg-selling laws are scrapped.
* Tate & Lyle takeover prompts lots of ‘sweet dealheadlines.
* Gordon Ramsay shuts Chiswick pub the Devonshire.
* Junk food kills 40,000 people a year. Read more.


Food for thought
David Mitchell’s entertainingly written, if self-consciously blinkered views on food. Video below is similarly contrary.


Recipe of the week
Spot on summer recipe from Chocolate Shavings – Pitta sandwiches with flank steak. Quick and fulfilling.


Video of the week

David Mitchell’s views on food continued…

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