My Recipes


A summer risotto

Wild garlic risotto with roasted asparagus and scallops

Roast squash and goat’s cheese risotto

Osso Bucco with white risotto and gremolata

Beetroot risotto (video demo)


Mackerel, braised shallots with chorizo and chilli, and tomato salad

Smoked mackerel and poached egg salad

Tuna, with a camembert starter: valentines dinner for two (video demo)

Thai green prawn curry

Trout and chips with crushed peas and parsley

Steamed sea bass with couscous and harissa mayonnaise

Linguine with prawns, rocket and chilli


Cullen Skink

Mackerel on toast with broccoli, chilli and mustard seeds

Salmon rillettes with cucumber pickle

Salmon with chilli, soy and ginger

Pollack with braised fennel and aioli

Monkfish with smoked black pudding and squash puree


Eritrean chickpea and spinach curry with Injera bread (video demo)

Persian Aubergine Khoresht with jewelled rice (video demo)

Beetroot salad with yoghurt, lemon and cumin dressing

(vegan experiment video)

Cold cucumber soup (vegan experiment video)

Sorrel Soup (video demo)

Couscous salad with cherry tomatoes and chilli

(vegan experiment video)

Tagliatelle of courgettes with pesto and black olives

Beetroot and horseradish gratin

Tagliatelle with leeks, mushrooms and creme fraiche

Pasta puttanesca


Tomato and goats’ cheese gratin

Halloumi, chilli and lemon salad

Baked aubergine with goat’s curd and chilli

Chicory, bean, and lovage salad with buttermilk dressing

Corn on the cob with a spiced coconut sauce

Pappa al pomodoro

Gazpacho (vegan experiment video)

Chicken and Duck

Hot chicken curry for a mild(ish) evening

Heston in da house! chicken and butternut squash curry

Sam’s Marquess chicken made with Lingham’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

Chickening out roast chicken

Pot-roast chicken

Moroccan feast: duck and pomegranate salad, couscous, baba ganoush

Turkey schnitzel

Five spice duck legs

Turkey twizzlers

Chicken and chorizo stew

Spice-roasted poussin with coconut pilau and parathas

Roast duck with watercress, radish and grapefruit salad

Chicken and broad beans with yoghurt and lemon

Chicken liver, broad bean, and parsley salad

Szechuan chicken wings

Chicken with tarragon and cream


Pork chops with apple and mustard (video demo)


Shepherd’s pie (video demo)

Toad in the hole (video demo)

Braised oxtail with polenta and gremolata

Chinatown five spice pigs’ trotters (video demo)

Grilled lamb rump with smashed chickpeas

Coeur blimey! braised ox heart with polenta and salsa verde

Lamb kebabs with tomato and mint salad

Steak and chips ooh la la!

Braised haunch of venison with chorizo and mushrooms, Spanish style

How not to make sausages

(warning: this video contains scenes of a sexual nature)

Roast shoulder of pork

Pork chops with rhubarb chutney

Stuffed loin of pork with swede and parsnip bubble and squeak cakes

Sausage ragu with penne

Sausage and lentils

Loin of venison with pak choi and oyster sauce

lamb neck fillet with pearl barley

The silk purse: crispy pig’s ears with tartare sauce


Osso Bucco

Lazy beef stew with herb dumplings

Short ribs with bourbon barbecue sauce

Lamb steaks with raz-el-hanout


Korean spare ribs

Morcilla with spudcake and a fried egg

Spare ribs and pork scratchings

Pork madras

Calves sweetbreads with warm radishes

BBQ rib-eye with chimichurri

Thai beef patties with cucumber salad


Italian sausage and beans on toast


Pear and almond tart


Pears poached in port with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, served with creme fraiche

Rice pudding

Homemade Snickers ice cream

Maltloaf bread and butter pudding

Courgette Bread


Smoked salmon and wasabi caviar blinis

Spicy koftas topped with mint yoghurt

Chicory with gorgonzola, cranberries, walnuts and truffle oil

Chicken liver parfait on crostini with pomegranate

Crostini: Broad bean, mint and pecorino, chicken liver and caramelized shallot


Broth for a rainy day

Chilli beef noodle soup made with love

Polish Sorrel Soup (video demo)

cold cucumber soup (Vegan experiment video)

Chicken noodle soup

Cold nights spiced pepper and lentil soup

Roast butternut squash soup

Tomato and butterbean soup

Chestnut soup with chorizo and saffron cream – adapted from a the Moro cookbook

Cullen Skink

Lunches and leftovers

Mushrooms on toast, onion tart, monkfish liver salad

Spiced flatbreads

Turkey rissoles: made with leftovers from the roast

Fridge slut: leftovers soup

The best cheese on toast I have ever eaten

Chicken and pearl barley broth: made with leftover chicken

Focaccia pizza

Crostini: Broad bean, mint and pecorino, Chicken liver and caramelized shallot

Mac ‘n’ cheese (video demo)

Potato and chorizo omelette

Mackerel on toast with broccoli, chilli and mustard seeds

Jerusalem artichoke and chorizo salad with anchovy dressing

Chicken and chorizo stew

Japanese-style chicken and avocado salad

Hot dogs

Chicken, prawn and asparagus pilaff

Bazooka Picnic Bombs

Boiled duck egg with asparagus soldiers

Halloumi, chilli and lemon salad


Cheese Scones

Aubergine and anchovy toasts

Shepherd’s Pie


Mulled cider



Christmas Poached Pears

A White Christmas: a medieval beverage (lambswool),  hot chocolate with chilli, brussels sprouts with black pudding

Christmas canapes

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  1. A nice recpe idea you have here. I am always looking for more ideas to keep the kids entertained with and this one might just do the trick so thank you for sharing it.

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