Articles and Press


* ‘iPhone therefore iCook’, for the Times

* ‘Tinned food – why it’s not the last resort’, for the Times

* ‘Is David Cameron sniffy about mustard?’, for the Guardian

* ‘Better served service stations’, for the Guardian

* ‘Student cooking’, for the Guardian

* On Jerusalem artichokes, for

* ‘Pastry – can you be bothered’, on

* ‘The Esoteric Artichoke’, for the Guardian

* ‘Is your nosh too posh?’ for

* ‘Hugh’s Fish Fight’ for

* ‘Hangover cure? No such thing…’ for


* ’40 Bloggers who really count’, the Times

* ‘The Art of Student Cooking’ by Xanthe Clay

* Julia Parson’s favourite food bloggers, the Metro

* Interview with the Street Savvy

* ‘The ethics of food’ by Tom Parker-Bowles

* Oliver Thring on supper clubs

Reviews of the Secret Larder

* Gastronomy Domine

* Kavey Eats

* A Rather Unusual Chinaman

* The Wine Rambler

* The Sardine in the Box

* A Pinch of Salt

* Wine, food, and other pleasures

* Smokey and Lentils

* Tummyrumble

2 responses to “Articles and Press

  1. Hi, I thought you might like to know about a pop up restaurant I’m running in N16 on Saturday 18th September. For one night only, as I can only imagine how stressful running a full time restaurant would be!
    Anyway, we have an amazing chef who’s name I’m unfortunately not allowed to mention coming to prepare a 7 course meal for a small set of people in my flat for the evening, accompanying the meal will be a Great British pub quiz and a dart competition, maybe even some connect 4 although that may be taking things a little too far!
    Thanks for your time, I hope you’ve got a minute to have a quick look at the menu on
    Thanks. Simon.

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