Article | Is Taste of London a massive rip-off?

Hark! I’ve penned a piece on the hugely enjoyable but rather costly Taste of London for Why not have a gander here.


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4 responses to “Article | Is Taste of London a massive rip-off?

  1. anon

    Not at all. For instance, the majority of restaurants on display offering their signature dishes would normally cost min 80 pounds for two people. Yes you can dine by yourself but it would be pointless not sharing a lovely meal. Yes its only a sample of the signature dish and yes no alcohol is included. But as per the 80 pound comment, If you were dining with a partner and just chose two main meals and a bottle of house wine, the total would be close to the 80 pound mark. At taste of london, you get to sample per person far more for your money.

    • Yes but that’s £80 per course. The whole meal costs 400 smackers. The samples are relatively reasonable, but it quickly stacks up. As I say, it’s fun and worth it if you’re willing to take the financial hit, but you might just as well save up for one special meal.

  2. Nougat

    Where is all the profit going to? What’s it being spent on, do we know? Not the cutlery, clearly.

    Anon – I still think I’d rather have a plate. 😉 xx

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