Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I know I’ve been neglectful of you these past few weeks. I haven’t written on you nearly enough, or updated the spurious little bits of trivia along your right hand column. My readers must think I’m an idiot – it would seem I’ve been reading Conrad’s The Secret Agent for about 6 months!

And there are bits of you that I’ve left a bit askew – The Secret Larder page, for example…just what the hell is going on there?! It’s all bulbous and nigh-on unreadable.

What’s happened to the searingly insightful, deeply informative yet hilariously witty weekly news round-ups, you’re probably asking. There hasn’t been one for yonks.

I can but apologise. It’s been a busy couple of months. I went to Australia. I ran a marathon. I put up some shelves. But I’m here now, and I vow to get this blog back up and running, to write more delicious recipes, random thoughts, and food news round-ups. I’ll fix your wonky pages, caress and coddle you, burnish you to a fine, coruscating glow. Oh! What fun we’ll have.

Yours ever faithfully,

James T. E. Ramsden.


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16 responses to “Dear Blog

  1. hooray! look forward to it

  2. Nougat

    Hurray! And well done on the Marathon.

  3. Come on then, what does T. E stand for?

  4. Nougat

    Is it Theobald Edmund?

  5. Nougat

    I think we need a term to legitimise blogging sabbaticals. Blogging off? Taking a blogcation?

  6. You have been sorely missed by your adoring public. We eagerly await your glorious return!


  7. Very funny, Nougat. “Blogging off” and “Taking a Blogcation.” Taking a Bloggatical? No, not as funny.

    James, no need to apologize.

  8. Ha! You don’t phone, you don’t write . . . at least you’re back!

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