This Week’s Food News

I’ll be honest folks. It’s been a bit barren this week. Sure, there’s been news with a vague food edge to it, but in between war breaking out in Libya, continuing horrors in Japan and some weasel with a red briefcase financially pistol-whipping us it all seems a bit, well, so what.

So like the cool teacher used to do on a Friday, I’m going to give you all a video to watch instead, making you think I’m dead laid back and really nice to you, when in fact it’s just because I can’t be arsed to teach. Or write. Or whatever. Have happy weekends, one and all!

If you’re in London, try and get to the London Jam Festival, details here:



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2 responses to “This Week’s Food News

  1. Thanks for that. It now makes sense that someone left a comment on the Guardian blog when I posted a jam recipe, saying – ‘you could make more money auctioning dogs……’ The guy wasn’t simply a tosser I now realise.

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