This Week’s Food News

Cumberland sausages get E.U. protection
Following on from the Cornish pasty last month, today the Cumberland sausage becomes the 44th British food and drink product to get a PGI status. This means that the sausages must be made to a standardised method – 80% or more meat, at least 3/4 inch thick, and made in Cumbria – to merit the name ‘Cumberland’. How do you like yours?

Burger King boss insults British food
Bernardo Hees, the new boss of Burger King, has described British food as ‘terrible’ and our womenfolk as ugly in a gaffe that has enraged at least seventeen people. Marcus Wareing said it was ‘an insult to British gastronomy’. These days I immediately write off anyone who says British food is bad as an ignorant moron. And our laydeez are all dead gorgeous, too.

British food exports top £10bn
Last year Britain’s food exports increased by 11.4% to (said in Alan Partridge voice) £10.8bn! Not being an economist, I thought this was good news, but really it’s just a reflection of how weak the pound is. Though it also shows that British products are becoming more popular abroad, particularly in Asia, where they seem to be lapping up shortbread and sausages.


Other food news this week:
* Eating cheese is good for your teeth.
* Berlusconi has a pasta sauce named after him.
* Cox pipped by Gala as our favourite apple.
* Noma misses out on third Michelin star.
* Heineken to cut alcohol content in one of its beers.


Piece of the week:
* A very good look at why we all queue for restaurants: The Crowded Restaurant Conundrum (via @marinametro)


Recipe of the week:
* I actually emitted somewhere between a growl and a groan when I saw this incredible-looking recipe for a corned beef and kimchi burrito. Who says multiculturalism isn’t working?


Video of the week:
* Delightful ripping of the locavore evangelist (via @patnourse):



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