This Week’s Food News

UK food prices rocketing
Food prices in this country are rising at three times the rate of G7 nations. This, it doesn’t need pointing out, is not good news. As oil prices rise we can avoid driving, but we gots to eat. It has been suggested that supermarkets are taking advantage of global shifts to nudge up their prices. A good reason to shop at independent retailers…

Subway overtakes McDonalds
This week Subway eclipsed McDonalds as the world’s largest fast food chain. Subway has 33,749 ‘restaurants’ globally, compared with the pitiful 33,737 Golden Arches. I have never been into one myself, not because of any food snobbery, but just because the smell that drifts from those putrid green shops makes me want to orally eviscerate myself with a coat hanger.

Little victory for tuna campaigners
After much pressure from campaigners, Princes, the largest tinned tuna manufacturer in the UK, have agreed to sort of maybe do their best not to buy shitty tuna. The brand has said that it ‘aimed’ to source only line-caught tuna by the end of 2014. Riiight. I aimed to be out of bed by 8.30 this morning but it’s now nearly 10 and I’m not that arsed.


Other food news this week:
* Cocoa prices reach 32-year high.
* FSA told salt levels in mature cheddar should rise.
* Government experts tell us to eat less red meat.
* PC dinner replaces TV dinner.
* Online grocery sales to double within five years.



On the 20th April, four of us food bloggers will be taking over the kitchen at The Drapers Arms in Islington to raise money for Action Against Hunger. There are more details on Hollow Legs’ blog. To book tickets click here.


Video of the week:
One of my favourite recent youtube discoveries:


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