Article | What’s the future of the supper club?

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Hullo. I muse on supper clubs for Guardian Word of Mouth. Get it here.


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6 responses to “Article | What’s the future of the supper club?

  1. great article James… I guess like all trends it will be a cyclical thing… right now it’s reached its zenith but that will no doubt change once all the bandwagoning has died down… just so long as you and people like you keep up the good (and hard) work… we should be good splashing around in the water for a while… and remember… surely it’s better to be starting the wave rather than just riding it….

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  3. Great article! I have yet to jump on the “supperclub” bandwagon (mainly because they are always fully booked!) but I feel that the “professionals” make their own supperclubs more of a dining experience (price/namedropping etc.) so they miss out on the real heart of what a supperclub is about: creative cooking , meeting new people who are equally enthusiastic about eating well. So I doubt their ventures will ever really stick…
    I just can’t wait till my first!

  4. The secret larder is always fully booked! Any chance of getting on the waiting list for April? =)

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