This Week’s Food News

Organic food less tasty than ‘normal’ food
In a major blow to organic lobbyists, a study by the Watchdog Which? has found that organic food has less flavour and fewer nutrients than food grown normally. Non-organic tomatoes were found to be juicier and more flavoursome than their organic counterparts, while ‘normal’ broccoli had more nutrients. So why are we paying more for this stuff?

Restaurants to display calorie counts
As of September restaurants, cafes, and pubs can sign up to display the calorie counts in their food. Andrew Lansley has written to all the members of the Food Network suggesting they get involved in the scheme, which also looks to cut salt content and trans fats in our food. Who said food couldn’t be fun, eh?

Cornish pasties victory
After nearly 10 years of ferocious and heated debate, the Cornish pasty has been given PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status. This means only pasties made in Cornwall can be called Cornish pasties. The French have champagne and roquefort, the Italians prosecco and parmesan, and we have Cornish pasties. Great.


Other food news this week:
* Handling chicken packets carries food poisoning risk.
* New research says you can eat more eggs.
* KFC changes ‘finger lickin’ good’ slogan to ‘so good‘. Snappy.
* Costco agree to stop selling unsustainable fish.
* Breast milk ice cream goes on sale in London.


Puke of the week:
* The tastykake burger. Shudder. (via @scandilicious)


* Win a meal for two at a restaurant of your choice worth £200 by giving your favourite cabbage recipe.


Video of the week:
* Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas:


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7 responses to “This Week’s Food News

  1. I’m pretty sure we’re not paying more for the taste, but for the environmental benefits.
    I am anyway 😉

    • Well, yes, though there are arguments against that. Organic farming uses much more land etc. Either way, lots of people think organic tastes better, so interesting piece. Thanks for comment! J

  2. steve

    I object to the very term “organic” – the word HAS a meaning already. All food is inevitably organic, however produced.

    But “organic” carrots do taste better!” Why?

    • Good point. I’m not sure it’s organic carrots, per se, that taste better. But just carrots grown in decent soil, locally, etc, as opposed to those shipped from godknowswhere.

  3. Eggs are now lower in cholesterol say Health and Scientists in The Week. Eggs for breakfast, eggs for brunch, eggs for lunch, eggs for dinner, eggs for… xx

  4. Just to reiterate your point, obvs…I do read it all I promise.

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