This Week’s Food News

Chocolate is the new superfood
Joining blueberries, broccoli, and bananas, chocolate has now been anointed the latest ‘superfood’. Researchers found that, gram-for-gram, chocolate contained more ‘healthy plant compounds‘ than fruit juice. Good news for chocolate lovers everywhere. Go and stuff yourself with Dairy Milk and feel the well-being wash over you.

More problems for JO stateside
In another blow to his campaign to improve American eating habits, Jamie Oliver’s filming permit has been terminated. “My permit was terminated because I can’t promise that the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) doesn’t look good,” said Oliver during a public address. “I’ve never felt so deflated.” He should try working in a can-crushing factory. Soda pressing.

Vegetables make you glow
Scientists have ‘proved’ that eating your five a day alters your skin colour. Yes, this ground-breaking news has changed the face of cosmetics. Because no one had ever noticed before that a healthy diet makes you look better. It will also help get you laid, so get munching those sprouts in time for Valentine’s, people.


Other food news this week:
* Bin Laden’s cook has sentence shortened.
* Aldo Zilli launches new range, Baby Zilli. Seriously.
* Homophobic restaurant review causes a stir.
* Collagen is this week’s new ingredient. Kerrrazy.
* ‘Fart ban‘ in Malawi.


Piece of the week:
* In a week which saw fast food accused of lowering a child’s  IQ, Stefan Gates defends the junk, to a point.


Recipe of the week:
* Some anti-flu cocktails from Nick Strangeway on Ravinder Bhogal’s new blog for Conde Nast.


Video of the week:
* For the post-rocker in you (via @donorgasm)


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4 responses to “This Week’s Food News

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  2. great collection of news here James… the homophobic article got me really worked up though… as a proud gay man I thought ‘meat fruit’ was hysterical in a ‘carry-on’ type way… am I sick?

    • For me the dyke/fruit thing was a bad joke but, all in all, not all that bad. What was offensive was 1) His mocking of efforts to support young gay men and 2) his refusal to back down/apologise when challenged.

  3. these foodie types are a hard bunch to please… talking of standing up in front of total strangers, what time are you on tomorrow… i’m down in london for the Mixed Grill, so look forward to seeing you again

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