Article | Eating with the eyes

I’ve written something about the tricks our eyes play on our taste perception. Read it here on the Guardian Word of Mouth blog.


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2 responses to “Article | Eating with the eyes

  1. I noticed one guy commented that putting black food coloring in milk doesn’t change the taste but our eyes tell us it’s gross — uh, last time I checked, black food coloring tastes terrible! 🙂 (And no matter what my husband insists, those horrid blue M&Ms they replaced the tan ones with a few years ago taste awful. Way too much food coloring for one little chocolate pellet!) Enjoyed the Guardian piece quite a bit. But then I always enjoy yours & Oliver Thring’s. (But I have a son named Oliver, so maybe I’m biased from his name. Of course, I also have a son named James, but I think that’s beside the point. And yes, he goes by Jamie…Jamie-Oliver, isn’t that funny?)

    • Hi Gracie, yes I can’t imagine these things are totally innocuous, though I don’t remember the last time I tasted black food colouring. Glad you enjoyed the piece, will pass on your kind words to Oliver. J

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