Video | How to make oatcakes

Och aye tha noo! About time I did another video post. Was planning on doing haggis in aid of Burns Night, but struggled to track down any ox bung, and so have ended up making some oatcakes. They’re outlandishly easy, cheap, and quick – the perfect cheese biscuit.


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9 responses to “Video | How to make oatcakes

  1. Nougat

    Oh my, these are so perfectly simple and wholesome – and cheap! Wish I’d thought of this. I’m going to make a batch and put them in a nice tin to give to a friend who invited me for supper – perhaps with a little wedge of luxury from Do you think I need to adjust the recipe at all if I add a few herbs? Sage perhaps? What would you add, if anything?
    N x
    PS Lovely to see you back in action and bearded.

  2. baby’s finger!?!?! is all I got from this!… I’m horrid but this really got me laughing and I lost myself after that… lovely looking oat cakes… maybe a tripod next time?… it was all a bit Grey’s Anatomy… if you know what I mean!

  3. Juliet

    I have to say that they don’t look too appertizing, I’ll try them though I’m sure they taste good. Liked reference to the thickness of a babies finger.

  4. I don’t eat lard so will have to do that different. Thanks for reminding us of this useful recipe. Don’t forget, an oat cake isn’t just for Burns night.

  5. Hey great to see this, well here at this side of the world we use Oat as cereal with milk. I am too a food lover, cannot cook but love to eat and also taking pics of food! loved the food here 😀

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