This Week’s Food News

Food’s getting more expensive. We know this. It’s not news. Let’s move on. Here’s what else has been happening:

Michelin’s damp squib
The 2011 Michelin results came out this week to more groaning ennui than ever. Predictable, dull, and irrelevant was the general reaction. Ramsay kept the three stars at his ‘flagship’ restaurant (though he may have forgotten where it is), while somehow picking up a star for the almost universally slated Petrus. It wasn’t all bad. Skye Gyngell’s wonderful cooking at Petersham Nurseries was given a star. Get there when you can. It’s very special.

Dine and dash more prevalent
It seems our matey-boy in November has started a trend. What with none of us having any money and that, it seems more people are slipping out the door without paying the bill. In December William Cordle bought a £5,500 jeroboam of Cristal champagne in Amika and scooted, leaving a £7,000 bar tab. Presumably he had some pork scratchings, too. Have you ever dined and dashed?

The breakfast myth
Do you remember this risible article last year, which claimed that a full English might actually be the healthiest way to start the day? Well, unsurprisingly, researchers in Germany have found this to be untrue. Analysing 400 people’s eating habits, they noted that those who ate a big breakfast didn’t, as previously claimed, cut back at other meals. Obviously. Most people who eat a 1500 calorie breakfast aren’t going to eat lettuce for lunch.


Other food news this week:
* Organic milk is better for you, say scientists.
* Starbucks launches the mega-coffee.
* Calls for hospitals to grow their own food.
* Marmalade falls in popularity.


Piece of the week:
* An hilarious piss-take of this stomach-churning Liz Jones piece on the Jo Yeates murder (via @stefangates).


Recipe of the week:
* Felicity Cloake’s perfect marmalade.


Video of the week:
* The 100 greatest movie insults of all time. Use one next time you’re upset. *Warning: Very Strong Language*


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2 responses to “This Week’s Food News

  1. Hurrah! I always look forward to the food news weekly hit (as well as McFly’s Stargirl on Radio 1, please don’t judge.).

    I also have the hugest marmalade craving.
    Happy weekend.

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