Mixed Grill – 12th Feb 2011

The gastro-visionary that is Tim Hayward – founder and editor of Fire and Knives magazine, écrivain par excellence, intrepid video journalist, and possessor of one of London’s more bristly beards – is laying on a day of “talks, lectures, rants, performances, debates, panels, presentations and party pieces on the endlessly fascinating subject of…food.”

The Mixed Grill will be an opportunity for food enthusiasts to get together and discuss their gastronomic preoccupations, to heckle those brave or foolish enough to step up to the podium, and, I imagine, to eat and drink themselves into a happy oblivion. Topics will range from ‘How to lay an 18th century table’ to the tricks used by retailers to make us buy things. Jellymongers and dandies about town Bompas & Parr will be hosting an alarming-sounding Ether Bar, whilst Ms. Marmite Lover hosts a lunchtime pop-up restaurant.

It promises to be a great day. And no one’s ever up to much in February, are they?

Mixed Grill
12th February 2011
Conway Hall




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3 responses to “Mixed Grill – 12th Feb 2011

  1. thanks for the heads up… just bought ticket…hope to see you there

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