This week’s food news

Food prices rise yet further
Although food was spared the VAT rise to 20%, it is still going to cost more due to global weather conditions and other untimely factors. In the US the price of corn and wheat went up after harvests were ‘slashed’ by bad weather conditions. Fires in Russia cut wheat production there by 25%, while the rising cost of oil inevitably has a knock-on effect for food production.

The most punchable face in Britain?

The furore caused by Kenneth Tong’s ‘managed anorexia’ twatting is almost unprecedented. The man who considered it a ‘compliment’ to be compared to Hitler appeared out of nowhere to promote his size zero pill and saying that fat people were ‘disgusting’. After reading a deeply disturbing interview with Johann Hari, I can only say it’s a relief that the guy is thick as pigshit. Someone as unpleasant as this with even a modicum of intelligence could be very dangerous indeed. The transcript is very long but is worth reading (via @oliverthring).

Hugh’s Fish Fight
This week Channel 4 has been running a series on the barking EU fisheries policy, which leads to a million tonnes of dead fish being thrown away each year. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s campaign is one of the most compelling and important for a long, long time, and I urge you to sign up here.


Other food news:
* Earliest known wine discovered in an Armenian cave.
* Dioxin eggs don’t pose a risk, according to the European Commission.
* Burger King introduces stuffed burger.
* Tesco found to be mislabelling ‘sustainable’ cod.
* Price of beer to rise.


Piece of the week:

A great support of the fish fight from one of my favourite supper clubs, Fernandez & Leluu. Lots of gastro-porn to boot.


Recipe of the week:

Rou Jia Mo – a heavenly-looking Chinese hamburger from Cooking the Books.


Video of the week:

Simon Woods has a not altogether successful attempt at opening a bottle of champagne with a sword:


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8 responses to “This week’s food news

  1. What do you mean a ‘not altogether successful attempt’?!? I meant to do that. Honest. No really. You DO believe me, don’t you….?

  2. I don’t know what’s scarier – the dwindling fish stocks or K-Tong. Too close to call…

  3. hateful hateful hateful…. must have been living under a rock because until now i’d not heard of him… so thanks for that!

  4. Thanks for including the Fish Fight post – its an honour to be featured here x

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