Last week’s food news

In a week dominated by WikiLeaks and rows over university fees, there were still a few interesting tidbits in the food world…

Jamie Oliver breaks all publishing records
Jamie Oliver’s latest book, 30-minute Meals, has become the fastest selling non-fiction book of all time in Britain. Few could argue that this wasn’t seriously impressive. At a difficult time for both publishers and the public, to shift 10,500 copies a day of a book retailing at £26 is no mean feat. I take my hat off to him.

Kraft moves Cadbury’s to Zurich
After Kraft’s egregious takeover of Cadbury’s earlier this year, it has ruffled yet more British feathers by moving part of its operation to Zurich. As the tax avoidance row continues elsewhere, the move by Kraft – which will take all-too-precious pounds out of the British purse – is a controversial one.

The turkey rustlers
Aside from possibly being the greatest band name of all time, it is also an annual problem for turkey farmers. At this time of year turkeys’ value increases and, being relatively easy to pinch, thievery is rife. Farmers are using measures from patrol geese to hi-tech security systems to keep their gobblers safe.


Other food news this week:
* Gordon Ramsay’s annus horribilis worsens. He must hate Jamie right now.
* Wild boar attacks German butcher. Ends up as sossidges. Gotta learn to pick your battles.
* Thinking about food makes you want it less, says study.
* Middle Eastern investors in Iceland bidding war.
* Peter Sutcliffe ‘eating himself to death‘.


Recipe of the week:
* Hollow Legs’s gorgeous sounding pork shank and kimchee stew.


Website of the week:
* A really useful online egg timer, for when you’re working and cooking. Just change the URL to the time you need. (via @oliverthring)


Video of the week:
* After reading Rose Cottage’s piece on oysters I felt compelled to watch this again:


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4 responses to “Last week’s food news

  1. whilst I generally like Jamie Oliver I found his ’30 minute meals’ TV show repetitive and not particularly inspiring, however, let’s hope his amazing book sales are a good reflection of the state of the industry and that your book matches his sales if not exceeds them!

  2. phylliskirigin

    So this guy Sutcliffe is provided burgers, chips, chocolate and biscuits IN PRISON? And how many? Good grief. I have a great recipe for gruel.

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