This week’s food news | 26th November 2010

Cloned meat is good to eat
The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes has deemed the meat and milk from cloned cattle “unlikely” to cause any problems to the consumer. After reports in the summer that cloned meat was being sold to shoppers, scientists have been looking into the implications for our health. No conclusions have yet been reached.

Bernard Matthews dies
Norfolk turkey tycoon Bernard Matthews has died aged 80. For over 60 years Matthews peddled turkeys and twizzlers to a hungry British public. It would be difficult to argue that his legacy was one of fine gastronomy, but there will be few readers who didn’t at one time or another encounter Matthews’ meat.

Pubs sell more food than beer
The theory was that many restaurants would just about break even on the food, and then make their money on the grog. It now seems pubs are selling more food than beer, “as people shun stuffy restaurants for a relaxed environment”.

Cornish Blue wins World Cheese Awards
In a result that will cause some discomfort for the French, a fresh cows’ milk cheese from Cornwall has triumphed in the World Cheese Awards. We’re used to blue cheeses being either sharp and salty – Roquefort – or strong and mature – Stilton. Cornish Blue was praised for its new approach to blue cheese. Have you tried it?


Other food news this week:
* Alcoholic energy drink faces ban after deaths in the US.
* Ready Steady Cook gets axed. Didn’t know it was still going.
* Dine and dash student banned from Mayfair.
* Bottled water from a Greenland glacier goes on sale.


Blog of the week:
* Blogger and fellow supper club proprietor LexEat has a t’riffic website.


Recipe of the week
* Browners’s bonkers recipe for Mussel Soup cooked in a coffee machine.


Video of the week [explicit language]

A cat has a run in with a printer:



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4 responses to “This week’s food news | 26th November 2010

  1. Great news update, though saddened by Mr B (bootiful) Matthews passing up to the big coop in the sky.

    btw – love the blogsite
    Steve & Matt

  2. It’s good to see a Cornish cheese triumphing. It’s amazing, in the 14 years since I left the county, it’s been moving from strength to foodie strength. Good see something good happening in such a poor area.

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