This week’s food news | 19th November 2010

McDonald’s and PepsiCo UK health gurus
Health secretary Andrew Lansley has initiated a “responsibility deal” with businesses such as McDonald’s, PepsiCo and KFC, who will consult on next month’s white paper. As the government looks to tackle obesity and alcohol-related disease, it seems the policy is ‘keep your enemies closer’. Better the devil you know, eh?

Fat people ‘better at sniffing out food’
As headlines go it’s a belter. Fat people, the Daily Mail tells us, have a better sense of smell, but – but – only for sniffing out food. “Although over-eating and too little exercise are largely (largely?!) to blame for the obesity epidemic, many experts believe that other factors are also at play.” Well it’s an interesting theory and one we should all consider at length.

Hugh FW’s fish fight campaign begins
Half of all the fish that are caught in the North Sea are thrown back dead. Please click this link and support the campaign against this profligate fishing.


Other food news this week:
* Man dines and dashes. Gets caught. Looks silly.
* Britons more concerned about animal welfare than food safety.


Food happenings in London:
The Youth Food Movement is hosting a free event at the brilliant People’s Supermarket on Lamb’s Conduit Street in Bloomsbury on 23rd November. Do go along and see what’s what.


Blog of the week:
‘What’s For Tea Tonight Dear?’ – gorgeous food with recent travels to Cambodia and Singapore.


Recipe of the week:
A beautiful carrot and walnut cake from Love and a Licked Spoon. Debora doesn’t blog very often, but when she does…


Video of the week:
This literally made me howl with laughter.


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3 responses to “This week’s food news | 19th November 2010

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  2. Thank you, thank you for making my carrot and walnut cake your recipe of the week. What a lovely surprise. I HOWLED at the very refined lab, enjoying his dinner – hilarious.

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