Recipe | Aubergine and anchovy toasts

What’s interesting about the random ingredient generator is its propensity to reflect everyone’s mood, the weather, the seasons, even the time of week. I imagine if it was done at the end of the week the answers would be all steaks and burgers. Last night was oats and capers and avocados and celeriac. Healthy – even, whisper it, austere, food – but inherently warming too. Last night might have been the most number of ingredients from the generator that I’ve managed to use – aubergine, anchovy, and sourdough. Not wildly ambitious, but henceforth each week I shall endeavour to beat it.

I have no idea what happened to the header. The border seems to have shunted it off – any suggestions?

Serves 2

A large aubergine
2 pieces of sourdough bread
Half a clove of garlic
A ball of mozzarella
A few anchovy fillets
A little chopped red chilli
Flat-leaf parsley
Half a lemon
Salt, pepper, olive oil

– Preheat the grill to high. Slice the aubergine into long shards, season with salt and pepper, and fry in oil for a few minutes on each side until well charred and cooked through. Grill the bread for a couple of minutes on each side, then rub one side with garlic and a little olive oil.

– Lay the aubergine over the bread, break over the mozzarella and add a few anchovy fillets, pulled apart a little if you like. Season with pepper and a flick of olive oil and pop back under the grill for a couple of minutes. Serve with chopped chilli, a few parsley leaves and a squeeze of lemon.


A shout out to Debbie Powell for her gorgeous design, and to the Grubworm for helping me get it on the site.


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13 responses to “Recipe | Aubergine and anchovy toasts

  1. Wow this sounds nice, good combo of flavours think I might need to give it a go.

    And tip top re-design, nice look to the place!

    • Ha, I thought you’d say that Dino. I did actually buy some and then opted out, having been scared off aub/caper combo by a particularly capery caponata I once made. They’d have worked nicely though. J

  2. Heheh LOOOOVE the random ingredient generator! Gonna keep an eye out for when you do it again šŸ™‚

    • Do! Give me something nasty. Though I should point out that its purpose is for last minute ‘I can’t think of what to cook tonight’ so people suggesting walrus liver is a little counter-productive.

  3. Thank goodness you are back! Really missed not having your newsletter. Love the wallpaper on your blog, such fun!

    Please have a look at my website.

    Kindest regards

    And thank you.


  4. Ahh thanks James! The Blog looks great and the recipe sounds very tasty indeed!

  5. Nougat

    I’m loving the psychology behind the random generator, and the funky wallpaper. This blog grooves.

  6. James,

    Thanks for using my ingredient suggestion – the sourdough. I’ve never had aubergine and anchovy before but I think it could work – might have to try this myself!

    Love the new look.

    Pump Street Bakery

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