The Eggs Factor

There have been tears and tantrums. The judges Katy Salter and Oliver Thring worked through the night to reach an agreement but, eventually, after several gallons of coffee and a not inconsiderable number of chocolate digestives, decided that the rightful winner of a Clarence Court ostrich egg and a bottle of Heidsieck champagne should be:

Long pause…

Feast with Bron’s slow cooked ham and eggs, a dish which the judges proclaimed:

“A perfect egg dish, gentle as the heat that sets them. We love this modern approach to a classic French way with eggs.”
Bron uses a steam oven, but says:
“you could do it in a bain marie in a very low oven – just keep an eye on the eggs and whip them out as soon as the whites set. You might get a slightly different texture to the egg but it would still be a luscious treat…..”
Congratulations Bron – egg and grog on their way to you.
Thanks to all those who sent entries in – they all looked fantastic. And thanks to the esteemed (and I know incredibly busy) judges.


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4 responses to “The Eggs Factor

  1. LamBert

    I once did it in a bain marie. The results weren’t great.

  2. Congrats Bron – a worthy winner.
    And Rambo – thanks for asking us to judge!

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