Competition | British Egg Week

This week we celebrate the wondrous things that are eggs. While a part of me is saddened by the fact that we don’t honour eggs in the same way the Spanish honour tomatoes, it is nevertheless a good excuse to spend a week scoffing the versatile beauties.

I’m offering a Clarence Court ostrich egg and a bottle of champagne to the person with the best egg recipe.

Recipes will be judged by the esteemed duo of Katy Salter and Oliver Thring.

Send submissions to jteramsden(at)gmail(dot)com. The winner will be announced next Monday.

Get cracking!


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20 responses to “Competition | British Egg Week

  1. It has to be scotch eggs really, though I wouldn’t try it with an ostrich egg! I made them a few months ago, using quails eggs and they were lovely!

  2. Clive Coombs

    Not really an ‘egg recipe’, but I like to put raw egg over the top of a bolognese topped pizza! Pizza base, herbed and spiced tomato sauce, bolognese-type meaty sauce, grated mozzarella, then just crack an egg and use fingers to spread over top before cooking pizza.
    ps – sorry about the ‘unfertilised’ as my favourite type of egg!

  3. Thalia Rose

    Feathered egg – old family must have on a sunday morning…

    Melt butter in frying pan
    Butter one side of a slice of wholesome goodness bread – cut out a square in the middle.
    Place the unbuttered side of bread in the frying pan for 2 mins on med-low heat – and your little square cut out.

    Crack egg over the square..make sure the yolk sits in the square directly and move some of the egg whites off the bread to surround it.

    Fry for 2mins

    Flip over and fry until desired egg style (runny/hard) is achieved
    Dip bread into runny yolk or just enjoy as is..heaven!

  4. Alexander Cama

    Butter the inside of a coddler (egg-shaped-and-sized china pot) and season with salt and pepper.

    Crack the egg inside the coddler and drop into boiling water for 3 1/2 mins to leave the yoke nice and runny.

    Toast some seedy, brown bread, butter generously, cut into soldiers and dunk to your heart’s content.

    I’ll photograph a coddler we’ve got at home if you like.


  5. I’d join in but all you’d get is a recipe for custard.

  6. Surely cream eggs must get a mention from the sweeter toothed of us… how about deep fried a l’ecosse like the mars bars… that must be a winner?!

  7. Don’t know if it’s got too many other ingredients for your comp but it’s the near raw egg combining with the chili sauce that makes this pan mee.

  8. Ostrich scotch egg could be family picnic fare… I’d try it!

    Love most eggs most ways but current favourite is steamed – lovely lusciously delicate things

  9. Nessa

    Scotch eggs…. still warm after cooking with the yolks still slightly runny. Yummy!!

  10. Looking forward to judging the no doubt eggcellent entries

  11. Well, I rarely let a Sunday pass without eating a baked egg with anchovy soldiers…

  12. jennypaws

    My favourite way with eggs is just boiled with toast soldiers and lots of salt for sprinkling. However, for the purposes of this competition, my favourite recipe involving eggs has to be Carbonara.

    It’s simplicity is it’s strength and if you use a rich egg like a Burford Brown or a Duck Egg, then it’s taken to another level of gorgeousness.

    Cook your pasta – spaghetti or linguine is favourite – and while that’s cooking, dice some ham that’s been baked on the bone. Crack your egg into a bowl, add cream, salt & pepper and oodles of parmesan cheese. Whisk the lot together. Once the pasta is done, pour the egg mixture over it, stir gently to combine and serve with a sprinkling of more parmesan. Heaven.

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