This week’s food news | 1st October 2010

and a pinch, punch, 1st of the month to you, you scallywag you.
UK food prices rising twice as fast as the rest of Europe
In the last three years food prices in this country have risen three times more than the rest of Europe, reports Harry ‘Crash Bang’ Wallop. The report by Defra has raised concerns amongst campaigners that supermarkets may be trying to ride out the recession at the expense of shoppers, the cunning swines.

Food labelling confuses shoppers
If you watched the excellent, if at times patronising (yes, we know food rots, thankyou) FOOD on Channel 4 this week, you’ll know that labelling isn’t always clear. There is no such place as Willow Farm, and ‘cheddar’ can come from just about anywhere. ‘Ethical’ food is also confusing consumers, with the ‘vast array’ of environmental labels seemingly not clear enough.

‘Local’ food under scrutiny
Publicans and restaurateurs across the country are claiming food is ‘local’ when it isn’t. Barefaced lies such as ‘Hampshire spring lamb’ from New Zealand, ‘local’ samphire from Israel, and ‘home assured apple pie’ from a supermarket were found. It’s a devious and shallow practice and must stop.


Other food news this week:
* Mouse found baked into a loaf of bread.
* Record poisonings from wild mushrooms.
* Foot-long burger tested in the US. Are you listening, Byron?
* Angela Merkel reveals food stockpiling habits.
* A chocolate boat sets sail in France.


Piece of the week:
* Nick Baines talks about favourite cooking utensils – what’s your most indispensable bit of kitchen kit?


Cock-up of the week:
* An amusing Twitter fail by Gillian McKeith. Thanks for the heads up, @chrispople


Video of the week:
* This is perhaps what will happen to us all if we become totally obsessed with ‘local’ food:

Secret Larder News
*We’re now taking November bookings for the Secret Larder. Dates are 11th and 25th November.

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