This week’s food news | 24th September 2010

UN holds meeting over food prices
The UN is today holding a meeting to discuss rising concerns over escalating food prices. Alarmed by the recent drought in Russia, and floods in China and Pakistan, the Food and Agricultural Organisation is trying to figure out a way of avoiding the sort of chaos that arose from the food spike in 2007.

Scandal over halal meat
It was revealed this week that top sports grounds including Twickenham and Wembley have been serving halal meat to customers without labelling it as such. Schools such as Cheltenham College were also found to be serving halal chicken. Halal meat is slaughtered without being stunned first.

McDonald’s is UK’s biggest coffee seller
Despite some impassioned endorsements for better coffee in the UK, and of course the proliferation of the Caffe Starbucks and Costa Neros of this world, it seems McDonald’s is selling the most coffee in this country. It sold 84 million cups last year.


Other food news this week:
* ‘Village life dying out as country pubs close’
* Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food in Rotherham may be hit by cuts.
* Tough love is the way forward with kids’ cooking, says Rose Prince.
* Germany crackers for our cheese
* ..and British food is thriving overseas.


Silly of the week:
Woman fends off bear attack with a courgette.

Puke of the week:
Asda launches crisp butty for ‘a bit of fun’.


Recipe of the week:
Salad of warm baby leeks with blue cheese and chilli croutons, from Scrumptious South Africa.


Video of the week:
One of the great Blackadder scenes:


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8 responses to “This week’s food news | 24th September 2010

  1. Thanks for the video clip – Blackadder is my favorite. 🙂 My boss and I were just discussing earlier this week how we cannot believe (here in the states, at least) this campaign launched by McDonald’s focusing on their “gourmet coffee.” It has, and apparently always will, taste like Draino! Yeeccchhh. I had no idea they were selling THAT much of it, though! (Perhaps it tastes better in Great Britain than it does in Illinois? It always tastes like a dirty urn here, though I know some people like their coffee from a “seasoned” carafe. Not me! Clean that sucker with vinegar and wash daily!)

    Thanks for an interesting week in review post!
    –Gracie in Southern Illinois, USA

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  3. I’m very flattered that you’ve featured my leek recipe. Thank you!

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