This week’s food news | 10th September 2010

FSA spanks £7m on nannying
In the past year the Food Standards Agency has spent £7m on a campaign to get us to eat more healthily. It has been seen by campaigners and MPs as a huge waste of taxpayers money. £3.5m was spent on a salt-awareness push, which included a questionnaire with such searching questions as ‘Too much salt is bad for your heart, a.True or b.False’. Genius.

‘Sustainable’ fish – a caveat
Experts have accused the Marine Stewardship Council of capitulating too readily to trawlermen, and ‘endorsing fisheries racked by overfishing‘. The group of scientists have raised questions about the drop in MSC-certified fisheries, and the Council’s toleration of bottom trawling.

Fast growing salmon given the go ahead
A salmon that has been genetically modified to grow twice as fast as normal has been cleared for human consumption in the US. The fish could be on supermarket shelves within the next two years. Environmentalists fear the salmon will escape and interbreed with wild salmon, causing ecological chaos.


Other food news this week:
* Berlin ‘canninbal’ restaurant exposed as fake.
* Chemicals in non-stick pan may raise child cholesterol, say scientists.
* Raymond Blanc given a lifetime achievement award from the Good Food Guide.
* A rat is found in a tin of beans.
* Cosmo opening UK’s biggest restaurant in Croydon. I’ve been to the Bristol one. VeryBadIdea.


Blog of the week:
* The recipes on The Culinary Tales are consistently appealing.


Recipe of the week:
* ‘A gloriously haphazard curry‘ from Marmaduke Scarlet.


Video of the week
* Some clever and peaceful sleight of hand from magician DMC:

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