This week’s food news | 3rd September 2010

The restaurant that costs an arm and a leg
A restaurant in Berlin is calling for donors to dinate a part of their body in the name of dinner. It is also in the market for ‘an open-minded surgeon’. Flimé claims to be inspired by the eating practices of the Brazilian Waricaca tribe, which performs ‘compassionate cannibalism’. Most people are now just seeing it as a ‘tasteless PR stunt’.

Carluccio’s to be taken over
The restaurant chain Carluccio’s is being bought by a Dubai-based firm for £90.3m, boosting the company’s share prices by 44%. Some will be sad to see a once great restaurant beginning an inevitable slide towards loveless homogeneity. Others will have noticed that this happened a while ago. Meeee-ow.

Ramsay under fire again
Continuing the slightly gossipy feel of this week’s round-up (I’m sorry but I’m sick of writing about junk food and inflation), it was alleged this week that Gordon Ramsay has been employing illegal immigrants at his centralised food plant where (you have to admire the Sun for this one) “the telly chef cooks up ready meals for his posh restaurants.” Twitterites should follow this guy.


Other food news this week:
* Deep-fried beer invented in Texas. Brilliant.
* Drink milk to get rid of garlic breath, say researchers.
* Borough Market leaseholders sue trust in lease row.
* Don’t trust labels on ‘fresh’ food, says Alex Renton.
* The diet that protects your heart.


Blog of the week:
This is a really well-written piece on what it means to be a ‘foodie’. What do you think of the word?


Recipe of the week:
A beautiful golden beetroot soup from French Press Memos.


Video of the week:
A sleepwalking dog.


Secret Larder News:
We’re now taking bookings for October. On the 14th October Alastair from the School of Food is coming to show off his considerable talents. On 28th October Oliver Thring and myself will be doing a game night. Send me an email for bookings – thelarderlout(at)hotmail(dot)com.

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