This week’s food news | 27th August 2010

Inflation and waste
With food inflation threatening to climb over the next few months, and fears (overblown according to some) about our ability to provide for a growing population, thought turns to making the most of things. Emma Wall wrote a bookish but undoubtedly useful piece for those on the investor side of things, and us normal folk got to see the likes of Richard Corrigan rummaging about in a bin in The Great British Waste Menu.

Wheat genome discovery to boost crops
UK scientists have developed a ‘draft sequence’ of a genome which could make an important contribution to any global food shortage. Following the increase in wheat prices after fires in Russia, floods in Pakistan, and mudslides in China, it is becoming increasingly clear that wheat yields needs boosting and streamlining.

Food binging has long term effects
Swedish researchers have found that a food binge can carry long term implications for one’s weight. The study of 18 young adults found that two years after gorging for 4 weeks on fast food, the average weight gain was just over 3kg. The conclusion was that even a short binge can change the body’s physiology.


Other news this week:
* English wine continues to kick ass.
* Electrocuting potatoes will make them healthier, say scientists.
* Drink water before a meal to aid weight loss.
* Mars and Milky Way to cut saturated fat.
* “One in ten salads saltier than a Big Mac”
* Eat broccoli for a healthier gut, research suggests.


Interesting of the week
Stefan Gates eats as many E Numbers as possible in a day.


Blog of the week
The Frugal Cook is back, and boy do we need her.


Recipe of the week
The perfect vanilla ice cream, from Pane Amore E Cha Cha Cha.


Video of the week
This is just plain weird:

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