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‘Have you ever had a snog?’ asked Georgie, the pretty blonde on the other side of the kitchen.

It was 2008, my first day in a six week stretch at a food magazine and I was going down a storm.

‘Well, erm, sure, what do you-‘

‘It’s this new frozen yoghurt place near Leicester Square,’ Georgie continued. ‘They’re amazing.’

‘Oh, right…no. I’ve not had one.’

Two years later I still haven’t had a snog. Georgie got married and, well, I think I missed my chance. But then the ravishing Mathilde Dewilde and Libby Andrews invited me to Yu-foria – an even cooler frozen yoghurt purveyor based in Covent Garden but with shops all over the, er, shop – and how could I say no? Ne’er had I tasted one of these life-changing fro-yos and, sensing them to be the sort of crowd-splitting, bile-inducing and irrationally hated upon comestibles of the cupcake ilk, thought I’d better go and check them out myself.

Anyroad, long story short, if these are what frozen yoghurts taste like then I like them. Preconditioned to expect cold white matter to taste like vanilla ice cream, the first bite is something of a shock. The tart, acidic edge from all the natural probiotics in this 100% fat free ‘ghurt was alarming but, once expected, utterly delicious. The chocolate one tastes like chocolate ice cream, which I guess is the point, but is far less bingo-wingy, and then each day they have a special. Yesterday was blueberry, which I didn’t taste but which I have no doubt was also t’riffic. Once you’ve chosen your frozen yoghurt, you can then adorn it with all sorts of toppings – hazelnuts, strawberries, blueberries (basically shitloads of berries), oreo cookies, marshmallows, something that looked like muesli…. So you can either embrace the health kick of the yoghurt and hoy on the berries, or you can turn it into the sluttiest little frozen tart in London.

I know what I’ll be doing on my next visit…

Unit 19a, The Market,
The Piazza,
London, WC2E 8RB



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18 responses to “Review | Yu-foria

  1. Shame to have missed you last night! I like Yuforia too and don’t worry, you haven’t missed much with Snog.. well, the froyo kind of Snog anyway 😉

  2. In the days when Neals Yard was an amazing place to go, they did frozen yoghurt that oozed its way out of a Mr Whippy type machine. There was a healthy choice of toppings; nuts, honey, coconut, fresh fruit. Sounds good that the idea has been revived. Thanks for the tip off.

  3. Well, I am very happy to hear you enjoyed it and that you are now convinced by frozen yoghurt. Hope to see you again .. and share a frozen yoghurt with you!

  4. but you must try snog. it’s green tea yoghurt is excellent especially with kiwi’s and blueberries. don’t bother with the chocolate though.

  5. I used to love frozen yoghurt when I was a kid, so look forward to trying the London version 🙂

  6. Blimey – that was quick! Would have loved to have met you – I was the one with a cocktail in one hand, a big slutty frozen thingie in the other and both eyes on the mini Oreos.

  7. James, you said ‘fro-yo’. It’s over between us.

    Thanks for the fun times; I hope you’ll be very happy with your slutty little tart.


  8. …and a rather fine hangover cure…

  9. Have never tried ‘fro-yo’ but am in London on Sunday so I might have to sneak in a swirl.

    Also, I love that you’ve used the term “bingo-wingy”. My new word of the day!

    S x

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