This week’s food news | 30th July 2010

Fast food chains drop calorie-counting scheme
Efforts to get fast food chains to display calorie counts were scuppered this week – reports the Independent – as restaurants like Burger King and KFC failed to commit to the scheme. As obesity – sorry, fatness – skyrockets, it seems sensible to remind diners that some Pizza Hut pizzas weigh in at a gut-splitting 2,656 calories.

Watershed ban for junk food advertising
Health campaigners have called for a ban on advertising junk food before the watershed, reports the Telegraph. The 2007 embargo on advertising crisps and sweeties during children’s programmes appears to have had little effect. Under the new plan not only will advertising junk food be banned, but showing OB from Hollyoaks chowing down on a burger will also be outlawed.

Squirrel for supper?
Once a suppertime staple, the squirrel has fallen out of favour with diners. But Budgens is now stocking it, and has been getting a bit of an earful from animal rights groups. The ‘wildlife massacre’ (honestly) is seen by Viva as ‘inhumane’ and ‘irrational’. It is currently stocked at Budgens in Crouch End, North London.


Other food news this week:

* Washing chicken increases risk of food poisoning.
* Blueberries are more popular than raspberries.
* Beer sales are up for the first time in 4 years.
* Cows given new feed for healthier milk.
* Vertical farms – the future of urban food?

Recipe of the week
Aubergine fetishist and serial potty mouth Hollow Legs’ Beef Rendang.
Blog of the week
Douglas Blyde’s interview with Metro‘s enigmatic restaurant critic Marina O’Loughlin.
Video of the week
This kid rocks…


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6 responses to “This week’s food news | 30th July 2010

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  2. Most kind – see, I do read this! Wonderful supper yesterday, too.

  3. I’ve seen ‘Bacon is good for me’ many a time and it still gets in rolling on the floor.

    ‘YOu’ll NEVER see thi-is fa-ace a-gain’. GEnius.

    And bacon IS good for you.

    • I know, it’s addictive. So much character in such a little person. It’s the face he makes after saying “She’s actin’ like she’s the queen and we’re the sorry people”. Little legend.

  4. Of course, though I don’t own it! J

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