This week’s food news | 23rd July 2010

London has the worst food in Europe
A Europe-wide survey has found London to have the worst food. As well as being the most exciting and most expensive, it was concluded its food left much to be desired. Quite where the judges were eating I don’t know. London’s food is something to be proud of, in my opinion. Rome came out on top in the food stakes.

The man from Del Monte says no salt
Food producer Del Monte Foods Co has said it will cut the level of sodium in its products by 20% by 2015. The move is in step with the company’s wish to get consumers to lead healthier lifestyles, but is also a reflection of a growing trend in food nannying. It’s worth reading Jeffrey Steingarten’s essay on salt.

Cost of cocoa climbs
Commodity speculators have helped to push the price of cocoa to a 33-year high, causing damnation from the World Development Movement. A large London hedge fund snapped up a hefty portion of the world stock of beans, leading to increased poverty in the farming countries and higher prices at home. In the past 18 months the price of cocoa has risen by 150%.


Other food news this week:
* Further bad news on the money front, as olive oil gets more expensive.
* Call for doorstep collections of waste food.
* 220-year-old bottle of champagne found by divers.
* MPs waste £70,000 of food a year.
* ‘Cut down on meat to lose weight’ goes the brilliantly inventive call from doctors. Whatever next?


Blog of the week:
Well I promised a review of Trullo…I just didn’t write this one. I give you Mr. Hugh Wright.


Recipe of the week
A lovely salad and a snazzy new blog from Oliver Thring.


Video of the week
Food is, apparently, a bigger turn-on for men than sex. Joey isn’t convinced.


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2 responses to “This week’s food news | 23rd July 2010

  1. I am shocked by the “London has the worst food” piece.

    Really enjoying these weekly round ups btw.

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