This week’s food news | 9th July 2010

More children eating school meals
Following Andrew Lansley’s comments last week about the effectiveness of campaigns such as Jamie Oliver’s, it appears that more pupils are, in fact, eating school meals. However more than half are still seeking their fill elsewhere. Lansley reckons ‘constantly lecturing people’ is counterproductive. What was your favourite school dinner?

English wine beats French
An English pink fizz was victorious at this year’s International Wine Challenge, a competition seen by many as the most important – at least in wine terms. The Camel Valley Bacchus, from Cornwall, was up against some of the biggest names in Champagne – wines that sell for hundreds of pounds a bottle. Cornwall’s humble offering goes for £26.50.

Salt and fat need monitoring, says top doctor
The new president of the Faculty of Public Health, Lindsey Davies, has said that the food industry is ‘profoundly irresponsible’ in its use of fat and salt. In the interest of public health, levels of transfats and salt need strict regulation in order to lower cases of obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc, she says.


Other food news this week
* Birthplace of drive-thru turns its back on fast food.
* Amazon launch online grocery service.
* Dentists in Taiwan fear for jaw problems caused by oversized burgers, apparently.
* Local stores bear the brunt of violent crime, reports the Grocer.
* There’s a new farmers’ market opening in Soho tomorrow (10th July). Details here.


Scrap of the week
* Jay Rayner versus Daniel Young – a shitbagging of Obsidian elicits accusations of ‘laziness’.


Puke of the week

From America – obviously – a sandwich in a can; that’s right, it’s a candwich.


Video of the week
Internet ham. Yum.


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  1. Jane Eustice

    I can’t down load the video of the week …any suggestions??

    Did you actually eat the puke of the week?!

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