This Week’s Food News | 18th June 2010

Europe says no to ‘traffic light’ food labels
MEPs voted this week against standardised colour-coded labelling on foodstuffs. They instead opted for a GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) system, suggesting that this would nevertheless ensure that shoppers weren’t ‘misled’ by food packaging. Food manufacturers lobbied against the plans.

Egon Ronay dies
Food pioneer Egon Ronay died last weekend, aged 94. His Guide to British Eateries, launched in 1957, helped to improve the quality of food in Britain. French chef Raymond Blanc said Ronay “managed to really push up the standard of British cuisine. He was meticulous, a visionary, and he knew what gastronomy should be.”

Unsalted foods hard to swallow
Despite efforts on the part of our nannies to lower salt content in food, experts have suggested this might be counterproductive. “Some individuals [ie. people who enjoy food] like the taste of saltiness more”, writes Richard Alleyne. As long as salt improves the flavour of food, this is going to be a sticking point.


Other food news this week:
* White rice increases risk of diabetes, according to a Harvard study.
* Heston set to serve testes to her Majesty.
* There’s a small drop in food inflation as food prices fall, writes Robert Lindsay.
* A diet of meat and potatoes halves the risk of lung cancer, say researchers.
* Food production stalls in Western Europe while emerging economies enjoy boom.
* New drink-driving proposals cause controversy.


Blog of the week
Bucolic bliss from Belleau Kitchen.

Recipe of the week
Barbecued Thai red curry flank stead from Food Wishes. Looks d-lish.

Video of the week
Gordon Ramsay – The Tea Word


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2 responses to “This Week’s Food News | 18th June 2010

  1. Thanks J !!x

    very very hung over today from hysterical partying last night with Dame Judy and Stephen Fry.. about to write the post now…

    v sad about Egon Ronay… a while back a friend and I used to run an affordable art company making large paintings on canvas and one year the inspiration for our collection came from a 1978 Ronay guide which contained the MOST fabulous water-colour cartoons of images like hovercrafts, English castles and buckets and spades… I must dig them out and scan them some time…

    D x

  2. interesting article, thx!

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