Taste of London

The annual glut-fest that is Taste of London happens this weekend, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to sample some of the restaurants that are taking part. These are by no means the extent of the festival’s entertainment, but are at least a measure of the quality on offer in 2010.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill
Richard Corrigan’s Piccadilly gaff will be serving up goodies of oysters, smoked salmon, and fish and chip cones, with wine pairings championing English wines. Recommended: Fish and Chips (£10)

This swanky Soho dim sum rezzy will be dishing out spicy chicken wonton dumplings, and – obviously – masses of dim sum.
Recommended: Vegetarian dim sum platter (£10)

Salt Yard
Ben Tish provides Spanish and Italian tapas-style dishes, and very good they are too. Goat’s cheese-stuffed courgette flowers with honey were deliciously sweet and salty, baby octopus with crispy shallots tender and smoky, and grilled bavette steak generous and bloody.
Recommended: Chargrilled bavette (£8)

Chelsea’s Awana makes some pretty tidy Malaysian food – chicken wraps are the sort of thing you wish were available at 2am after a few too many, while the beef rendang is rich and aromatic.
Recommended: Beef rendang (£10)

Satay House
Noodles, chicken wings, and a rare (and slightly odd-sounding) dessert called Ais Kacang from Satay House. Their own rendang is startingly hot but doesn’t appear to be on the menu.
Recommended: Deep fried chicken wings (£8)

Tukdin Flavours of Malaysia
Yet more Malaysian food from Tukdin in Paddington. Some good, if not life-changing chicken satay with peanut sauce, as well as a clean little spiced sea bass dish are on offer.
Recommended: Sea bass with coconut corn rice (£12)

Taste of London
17th-20th June 2010
Regent’s Park

I’ll be kicking about on Thursday so come and say hello if you spot me.


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3 responses to “Taste of London

  1. damn jealous. really trying to make this one! x

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