This week’s food news | 11th June 2010

It’s been a relatively slow week for food news. Why not play a game of ‘spot the filler’?

Controversy surrounds GM trials
Ministers have given the go-ahead to a GM trial to develop disease resistant potatoes. The theory is that in the long run the super-spuds will save farmers megabucks and reduce the need for chemicals. But naysayers argue that the trial is a waste of money, with the potential to be ecologically harmful to neighbouring farms. What do you think – playing God or a necessary step?

Ethics before price, say shoppers
Most shoppers consider a product’s provenance and packaging before they consider its price, reports the Grocer. The survey found that 16% of shoppers pondered the ethical and ecological implications of their shopping basket, while only 9% considered the price. Convenience remained the most influential player, though, with 54% shoppers plumping for what’s easiest. Sounds a bit vague to me – how do you shop?

Scots ‘almost universally’ unhealthy
A study at Glasgow University found that of the 6, 574 cases studied, 97% had at least one of the ‘risk factors’ – smoking, drinking, poor diet, physical inactivity, obesity – that contribute to poor health. 55% had three or more, while 20% had four or five of the factors. Poverty appears to increase the risk. Is this a fair analysis or a crass generalisation?


Other food news this week:
* Thai drought threatens world’s rice supply. Read here.
* More American fast food chains to open in the UK. Read here.
* McDonald’s recalls Shrek glasses tainted with cadmium.
* Prisoners go Muslim for better food.
* ‘Oldest leather shoe’ is discovered.


Recipe of the week
Bryn Williams’ shows us why sea trout is one of the great fishes. Recipes here.

Video of the week
Britney Spears – You Want A Piece Of Meat?

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  1. andresrcastello

    GM Trials: Isn’t the EU one of the few places where GM foods have to be labeled? I think they should go ahead with the experiment… but lets see who buys that

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