Hot Dogs

I have a craving for mustard at the best of times, especially when hay feverish and bunged up. Then Ollie Thring only bloody goes and writes an article on the subject and all I can do is think of hot dogs. With fried onions and French’s American mustard. I’m totally against food (hot)dogmatism, but when it comes to this sort of grub there is only one mustard for the job.

It’s simply done, this. Slice an onion and gently fry in a little oil for half an hour until slippery and ever so slightly crisp at the edge. Warm torpedo rolls in the oven. Take a packet of frankfurters and boil them for 7 minutes. You following? Butter the rolls, prod the sausages in. Bury in onions. Squirt of mustard. Sploodge of ketchup. Devour. Repeat.


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27 responses to “Hot Dogs

  1. Gorgeous. Now if we can sort out some sunshine it would be perfect!

  2. Late April Fools, Rambo?

  3. Tes

    We love hot dogs, they’re so quick and great when cooking for a large group. Hot dogs with caramelized onion and mustard are the best!

  4. Lordy I want a hot dawg now, thanks a lot dude. BTW have you tried the Scandi Kitchen hot dog? We should go sometime xx

  5. Ah! French’s… a much underestimated condiment! Can’t tell you how much I want to have one now… my hayfevered nose is twitching for hot dogs with lashings (yes, lashings) of the stuff! Great post and perfectly timed!

  6. Jo

    Looks very yummy! I want one now too 🙂

  7. For hot dogs I am partial to what’s known in the US as deli mustard, which is spiced with the likes of garlic, brown sugar, ginger, allspice, tumeric and cinnamon.

  8. In the words of Homer Simpson: ‘auuuuuugh’.

  9. chocolatequest

    for an additional dose of summertime Americana, cook the hot dogs on a charcoal grill, and add a bit of pickle relish along with the mustard 🙂

  10. simply just can not go past French’s American Mustard on a hot dog…unhealthy obsession with it in my house….mmmmmm mustard

  11. phylliskirigin

    I don’t know about that sploodge of ketchup. I would save that for hamburgers. How about boiling the hot dogs just to cook them through and then grilling them a bit on a stovetop skillet to caramelize the outsides? I agree with Young and Foodish about the deli mustard. Also, too much bread on those torpedos. Just grilled hot dog rolls. And finally, GOOD sauerkraut ( not from a can or plastic bag). Now you have it.

  12. Good to be reminded what a treat a good hot dog is. Sig and I intend to research them fully on our forthcoming trip to Copenhagen which has the best dogs I’ve ever tasted.

  13. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

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