‘Which country has the best food?’ | The Food Debate no.2 – 1st June 2010

In March a group of food fanatics congregated in the Westbridge Draft House on Battersea Bridge Road in London to debate which ingredient we couldn’t live without. After a heated evening of chair throwing and Greco-Roman wrestling (both metaphorical, sort of), cheese was crowned champion.

The topic of the next debate, which is back in the Draft House (map) on the 1st June, is ‘Which Country Has The Best Food?’ The judges will be food writer and TV hunk William Sitwell, features editor for Waitrose Kitchen Katy Salter, food writer and blogger Rejina Sabur, and last debate’s winner, cheese fanatic Kavita Favelle.

The format of the debate will be confirmed, along with the contestants, on the 25th May. If you would like to debate, email me at thelarderlout(at)hotmail.com, explaining your country of choice. If you would like to come and spectate/heckle/throw gherkins, tickets are £5 each, with every penny going to Action Against Hunger.

The Food Debate,
Westbridge Draft House, Battersea Bridge Road.


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4 responses to “‘Which country has the best food?’ | The Food Debate no.2 – 1st June 2010

  1. Just read the review of the previous event as background – this sounds like a fantastic idea! Now to come up with a convincing argument for the country of my choice… 🙂

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  3. A1

    It goes without saying Britain has the best food, just ask Gordon Ramsay.
    Shame so many Brits choose the worst food in the world.
    hmmm GermanyBavaria has the best bread in the world though that is for sure.

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