This week’s food news | 16th April 2010

Organic food sales drop 13% in a year

But is it really true?

2009 saw a 13% decline in the sales of organic goods, reports the Grocer. Supermarket sales fell by 12.2%, whilst the sales of organic vegetable boxes fell by 10%. With a growing sensibility as to the quality of produce we buy, the only sensible conclusion can be that economic constraints caused this slump. But is organic really the most important factor when it comes to food? What about provenance? Husbandry? A realisation that organic ≠ high quality can only be a good thing.

Ban trans fats to save lives, say scientists

Without trans fats that chair may be safer

New York’s done it (obviously), California’s done (like, duh?), and so have Switzerland, Denmark, and Austria. Now scientists are urging the UK to follow suit and ban trans fats, which have been likened to putting “melted tupperware on toast”. Trans fats are cheap, high in fat, and prolong the shelf life in products. But what are the disadvantages? Well, they cause heart attacks. A lot, it would seem. A ban seems wise.

Beef prices to rise after tough US winter

Thought beef was already pricey? Well, bad news mon bonhomme. According to the FT worldwide beef prices are set to rise after a harsh winter in the US and the inevitable post-recession backlash. From me? Just one word of warning – beware of cheap imitations. Buy meat half as often and get some proper gear.


Other food news this week:

* The row over whale fishing continues here and here.

* More shoppers are opting for ‘freedom food’ chickens, according to the Independent.

* Coca Cola criticised for latest advertising campaign condoning sickies.

* New basket paves the way for greener shopping. Read here.

* Risk of dementia could be determined by diet, say scientists.


Blog of the week

* ‘No Sex Please, We’re British’, by Where’s My Pork Chop.


Recipe of the week

* Gourmet Chick’s write-up of the Ottolenghi seafood stew is write-up my street (sorry).


Video of the week

* Mesmerisingly bizarre, wonderful, sickening video. The Ross Sisters’ ‘Solid Potato Salad’. Thanks to Oliver Thring.


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5 responses to “This week’s food news | 16th April 2010

  1. interesting round up though the video should be X rated.

  2. Thanks for the shout out – it’s a great recipe currently working my way through Yotam’s new book, Plenty, which has heaps of great vego recipes in as well.

  3. Wow. Headless fatty photo. Way to show you’re a tool.

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