Recipe | Morcilla with spudcake and a fried egg

As lunchtime recipes go this is up there in the ‘aggressively speedy’ category. In fact it was so quick that it took me by surprise, beating me to the punch before I’d got my act together to make a salad dressing. Morcilla is the Spanish variant of black pudding, and this was kindly given to me by Rachel McCormack. Ta Rachel.


Serves 1

Leftover mashed potato

A few thick slices of morcilla or black pudding

An egg

Salad leaves

Salt, pepper, oil


– Pat the mashed potato into a cake and fry in a little oil until crisp and golden on one side. Turn and add the slices of morcilla.

– Fry the morcilla for 2 minutes on each side and remove, along with the potato cake, to a warm plate.

– Lower the heat and fry the egg for a minute or two. Season with salt and pepper, and serve with the sausage and spudcake, along with a few salad leaves and a piquant dressing.

What’s your favourite way to serve black pudding?


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10 responses to “Recipe | Morcilla with spudcake and a fried egg

  1. Leftover? Leftover mashed potato? I didn’t realise that ever happened…

    I don’t eat a lot of black pudding, but when I do it’s mainly with a fried breakfast. It goes incredibly well with eggs.

  2. It’s sheer heaven to see food writing so completely lacking in pretence while so abundant in enthusiasm. The recipe sounds like a cracker – one for next weekend’s hangover methinks.

  3. Oh yum. I have a chunk of boudin noir destined to end up like this. Thank you!

  4. Nougat

    I’m having a Pavlovian response to this post — genuinely salivating.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the morcilla. Next time you make that can you courier me some please?

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