This week’s food news | 9th April 2010

Fruit won’t keep cancer away say scientists

With the clunking predictability of a celebrity menage going sideways, scientists are now telling us that actually, no, fresh fruit is unlikely to save you from cancer. Every week there’s a new fruit to protect or not protect us against diarrhoea, gonorrhoea, apnoea…sex addiction. But is this latest suggestion simply irresponsible? After all, fresh fruit and veg do still have indisputable health benefits. Why say they’re not worth bothering with?

Plans for cider tax hike scrapped

After announcing a 10% tax levy on cider in this year’s budget, ministers have had to back down following fierce opposition to the plans. The tax increase will remain in place until the end of June, after which it will be reduced back to standard rates for alcohol. Labour have however promised to reintroduce the West Country-baiting tax should they be re-elected.

Dhruv Baker wins Masterchef

On Wednesday night Dhruv Baker was ‘crowned’ Masterchef 2010, proclaiming of his trophy (not crown) “this will be the first piece of furniture in my restaurant”. It was a cracking series – the judges hackneyed cliches appearing more tongue in cheek than ever, and India Fisher’s  baritone narration hitting the nausea spot with the precision of Baker’s cooking. All three finalists were superb but on the night he was the clear winner. What did you think of the series?

Other food news this week:

* Cleverest women are bigger drinkers, studies reveal. That bird slumped over the end of the bar? She may be a genius.

* Supermarkets and shops to be a key election battleground, according to the Grocer. And again.

* Raymond Blanc reveals that he would have loved to be a gardener.

* Harry Ramsden (no relation) buys Five Star Fish.

Blog of the week:

I’ve loved Meemalee’s Masterchef blogs. Very funny stuff.

Recipe of the week:

A t’riffic Korean dish from Girl Interrupted Eating. This is top of my to do list for next week.

Video of the week:

Just in case you haven’t seen it, this is a brilliant compilation of the best innuendos on Masterchef:

Witticism of the week:

After a visit from David Cameron, a worker at the Warburton’s factory in Bolton asked “where’s the meat in t’pie?”

Puke of the week:

A pint of Fuller’s Honeydew at the Dove in Hammersmith. It had a terribly chemical taste but the barman flat refused to admit it was wrong. Service: nil points.


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11 responses to “This week’s food news | 9th April 2010

  1. I reckon India Fisher on Masterchef is the same woman robot that’s inside my sat nav

  2. I’m doing a little dance right now to say thank you for making me Blog of the Week x

  3. May

    Thanks for posting that clip from Masterchef – hilarious. How did I miss that before?

  4. I love that video – the gnocchi quote is the best!

  5. food news – yes great, loving the roundups, but that video? Fucking brilliant.

  6. Been catching up on my comments and linkbacks and thanks for the link , want to try the ribs on a BBQ now summer is here . Love those Masterchef posts too.

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