Recipe | Five-spice duck legs

The beauty of slow-cooking is, in part, down to the aromas that slowly emanate from the oven as the food cooks. As these duck legs ticked over my nose was teased with the mellow notes of five-spice, garlic and onion. That it’s a dish that takes all of 5 minutes preparation and an hour or two’s patience is only a bonus.

Serves 2

2 duck legs

1 teaspoon Chinese five-spice

2 cloves of garlic, unpeeled and lightly crushed

1 onion, peeled and sliced

Olive oil, salt, pepper

– Preheat the oven to 180C. Rub the skin side of the duck legs with a generous pinch of salt and the five spice. Heat a little oil in a frying pan over a medium heat and add the legs, skin side down. Fry for 10 minutes until browned and crisp.

– Remove the legs and add the onion and garlic. Prod around the pan until coated in the duck fat, season with salt and pepper and lay the legs on top. Pop in the oven for an hour and a half, until soft and yielding to the advances of a fork.

– Remove from oven and rest whilst you prepare your veg. In this case I par-boiled some sliced potatoes, fried them with the duck fat, and served them with some Chinese cabbage fried with mustard seeds, garlic and chilli.


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11 responses to “Recipe | Five-spice duck legs

  1. Mmmmm i love duck in any shape or form but duck LEG, fried and then slow cooked is like perfect upon perfect. Looks and sounds divine!

  2. Looks fab James. Can’t wait to try it seeing as its pretty easy cook. Anything with garlic & spice I’m always in!

  3. Interesting. This really couldn’t be easier, could it? And I love your instructions, viz ‘prod around the pan.’ Instructions that I can relate to. 😉

  4. Looks delicious and simple too. Nyum!

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  6. Hello! I found your recipe this afternoon after buying duck. This was absolutely delicious. Good work!

  7. gnt

    Nice simple recipe. Easy to cook and with a tasty outcome. Used chinese noodles instead of potatoes stirfried with garlic, chilli and ginger plus onions and mushrooms. Cabbage better cooked with spring onion and seeded chilli for 3 mins, tsp of soy and generous dessertspoonful of Marmalade (your choice of flavour and strength) added and cooked for 1 min further. Much more fun to cook and eat.

  8. steve

    “Takes 5 minutes preparation”
    “Fry for 10 minutes”

    • Yes, maybe a bit ambiguous. On the whole ‘prep’ refers to chopping, measuring, peeling etc. Cooking does not fall under this bracket. Sorry if that’s not clear.

      • steve

        In my humble submission, browning is part of the preparation process, which continues until you put it all in the oven!

        I just made the dish – with variations – in the slow cooker. Seem to have run out of 5 spice so used star anise which we buy in bulk from the Chinese C&C. And a few more ingredients, all done whilst the frying happened.

        Just tasted. Very good!

      • Yes OK fair enough! I’ll give you that one. My apologies for misleading you. Hope those extra minutes were worth it, best, j

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